Top 4 Simple Tips to Dress Better

Hello Guys

Today most of the Men’s are confused about their dressing style. Mostly they come up with, “Where do I even start?”  A question that’s often asked by guys who have decided to put a little more effort into their appearance. Without basic sense of fashion you can end up wasting a ton of time and money.

One idea to promote long term happiness, you need to be confident. A big part to being confident is to being able to dress well. I will share you the simple tips to dress better for men’s.

Tip Number 1: Shoes

Most of the guys ignores it, but actually shoes complete your outfit. The common mistake what Indian men’s do is that they go for sport/ bulky shoe with every single outfit. This is a mistake where lot of school kids and college students make.

If you wanna look manly, always go for flat sole shoes. Start wearing loafers, canvas shoes. More importantly shoes completely change the look of an outfit.

Tip Number 2: Pants

A lot of guys are happy with just a pairs of jeans, but what you need to understand that you can actually change your over all look & feel by just going in for different kinds of pants i.e chino. If you have the money to invest in pants after you already bought your jeans, you should buy couple of chino.

There are many different color of chino, but if you want to be more cool all you need is a blue, black & charcoal grey chino. They are the neutral colors which matches with most of the t-shirts.

Tip Number 3: Combinations

Now the most important tip is the color combinations & clothing combinations. Your fashion rule in life has to be learn color combination, the most common & classy combination is a black T-shirt & regular dark blue jeans. There are thousands of combinations you need to educate yourself, start reading more about fashions.

Now about color combinations, the easiest way to figure out color combination for yourself is to Google it & I strongly recommend to every single guy. The more you experiment, the more you try out new outfit, the more you research on google that’s how much better you will be at dressing.

For your reference, kindly click here

Tip Number 4: Mentality

A lot of guys start dressing better in or after the college, and when you are learning about the new trends & fashions you are little nervous when you are actually wear new clothes and go out. Because of that lot of guys don’t experiment, they won’t wear new different types of clothes.

Because of that, some them who like shirts will only wear shirts at every single occasions or some of them only like t-shirts will be wearing t-shirts only. But that’s not what defines a well dress guy, well dress guy is someone who keeps changing his dressing style and the most important carries with confident.

So that’s it for now, stay tuned with my blogs. If you have any suggestions or your own tips, please share & comment below.

Thanks alot guys. #staycool#beyourownboss

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Ty for the useful tips.

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